How to Start Freelancing as an Absolute Beginner?

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Lot of freelancers  struggle to get their first job and that is not because freelancing is hard, its just because they don’t know the process of how to get started as a freelancer. Here are the Steps

On a piece of paper, list out the skills which you have currently. You don’t have to be an expert at it but you should be decent at those skills

List Down Your Skills

Once you are done with the list, just visit any site like Feedcoyote and search for projects which match your skills listed above.

Visit a freelancing site

Read the project description and figure out if you can really take-on this project. Analyse for yourselves if you have proper skills to handle the project.

Check your skills

Once you have identified which skills you lack, its better to master them first before you proceed ahead working on projects.

Fill the Gaps

Test yourselves to see if you have really filled the skill gap which existed before. This will make you confident and also add a project in your portfolio

Working on a dummy project

Once you have the skills and confidence, applying on projects would be quite easy and your chances of acquiring a project would be much higher.

Collaborate for Projects

Set a Daily Schedule to learn & Upskills along with Collaborating with Clients and Freelancers

Set a schedule

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