Freelance Business Book

1st Edition


The source of inspiration for any freelancer

The book is available to download as a pdf

Table of Content

Part 1

  • Is freelancing the thing of the future?
  • Freelancing in Europe today
  • European Freelancers Week
  • The future of freelancing

Part 2

  • How to start freelancing
  • 10 things to consider when moving from corporate to freelance
  • From employee to freelancer: how to know if you are ready
  • Advice from a freelancer with two decades of experience
  • What makes a successful freelancer?
  • It takes a village to raise a freelance business
  • From what to how. Shift to purpose
  • Never waste a good crisis: freelancing lessons learned during the pandemic
  • Jobrepair©: The Smart toolkit to make more sense and reduce doubt about work
  • Starting freelancing as a tech professional

Part 3

  • Freelance business marketing
  • How to market yourself as a freelancer
  • Content strategy: how to tailor it to your business needs
  • A marketing plan is not a marketing strategy
  • Does your website sell?
  • Building a freelancer inbound funnel

Part 4

  • Negotiations, money and legal aspects
  • Contract negotiations for freelancers
  • Protect your IP (intellectual property) rights
  • Business negotiating for freelancers
  • Pricing your expertise
  • Financial self-management

Part 5 ( Coming up soon ) 

  • Personal brand
  • The recipe for a strong personal brand
  • LinkedIn and social selling
  • Personal brand is a long-term strategy
  • Creating a brand online and offline
  • 10x your freelance business through public speaking
  • How to become an international speaker

Part 6 ( Coming up soon ) 

  • Finding clients
  • Finding freelance assignments
  • Selling skills for freelancers who hate selling

Part 7 ( Coming up soon ) 

  • Scaling your freelance business
  • Starting and growing your business
  • Seven figure freelance business
  • How to expand your brand into international markets
  • How to scale your freelance business
  • Multiple streams of income for creatives
  • Creating a stable business and getting clients

Part 8 ( Coming up soon ) 

  • Freelance mindset
  • The power of strategic quitting
  • Failures, successes and the windy path of entrepreneurship
  • Finding resilience and purpose as a freelancer
  • Becoming more productive by shifting your mindset and beliefs
  • Challenges are inevitable. Defeat is optional.
  • Learning as a freelancer
  • From crippling comparisons to courage.
  • Decide while avoiding the traps laid out by your brain

Part 9 ( Coming up soon ) 

  • Working with platforms
  • Finding a platform to support your freelancing career

Part 10 ( Coming up soon ) 

  • Hiring freelancers
  • How freelancers can win an enterprise client
  • NASA Open Innovation strategies in talent recruitment
  • How freelancers can improve connections with corporates
  • How to increase added value and grow your client base by bundling your services
  • Freelancers in the eyes of corporations: an insider view
  • How Koch Industries accelerated business processes by working with freelancers
  • Be remote. Be unsettled
  • How freelancers get hired at corporations
  • Portrait of the digital freelancers

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Freelancing offers flexibility in work hours and location, allowing for a better work-life balance. It also provides opportunities to work on diverse projects, gain a variety of experiences, and potentially earn more than a traditional job by taking on multiple clients.

Evaluate your readiness by considering your financial stability, self-discipline, and ability to manage uncertainty. Assess your skills, network, and market demand for your expertise. Our ebook provides detailed steps and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Developing a strong personal brand, leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn, and creating a professional website are crucial. The ebook covers various marketing strategies, including content creation, building an inbound marketing funnel, and public speaking to enhance your visibility.

Always use a well-drafted contract that outlines the scope of work, payment terms, deadlines, and IP rights. Our ebook provides tips on negotiating terms that protect your interests and ensure you get fair compensation for your work.

Embrace resilience, strategic quitting, and continuous learning. Overcome the fear of failure by viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. Our ebook discusses how to cultivate a productive mindset and find purpose in your freelance journey, making setbacks manageable and successes more fulfilling.

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