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Your Chance to Win a Laptop with Feedcoyote’s Referral’s

Are you ready to turn your referrals into rewards? Feedcoyote’s exciting referral contest offers you the opportunity to win big, including a chance to snag a brand-new laptop! Here’s how it works, step by step:

Step 1: Sign-Up on Feedcoyote and head over to your Feedcoyote profile and copy your unique referral link. This link is your ticket to earning rewards, so keep it handy!

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Step 2: Craft Your Compelling Post Now, it’s time to spread the word! Write a persuasive post on your favorite social media platform – whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, X, or TikTok – encouraging other freelancers to join Feedcoyote. Be sure to include your referral link in the post to ensure you get credited for your referrals.

Step 3: Don’t Forget the Hashtag! To make sure your post gets noticed, don’t forget to use the hashtag #feedcoyote. This helps Feedcoyote track and recognize your efforts in bringing new users to the platform.

Step 4: Let Feedcoyote Know Once your post is live, come back to this announcement and comment “Posted” to let us know you’ve shared the love. Then, reach out to Feedcoyote and send the link to your post in a message. This ensures that your referrals are properly tracked, and you don’t miss out on any rewards.

Bonus: Enjoy 1-Month Free Premium! As an added incentive, for every successful referral you make, you’ll also receive 1-Month Free Premium on Feedcoyote. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us grow our community.

So, what are you waiting for? Start referring your friends, colleagues, and fellow freelancers to Feedcoyote today and unlock your chance to win that shiny new laptop. With great rewards on offer, there’s never been a better time to spread the word about Feedcoyote. Happy referring!”

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